Monday, April 7, 2008

PSP - Darkstalkers Chronicles: the Chaos Tower - Order Now $ 19.99

Darkstalkers, one of Capcom's most interesting Fighters, features a Cat girl versus a Vampire, a Succubus versus a Snowman. This is just a sample of the characters found in Darkstalkers Chaos Tower.

Your favorites like, Morrigan, Demitiri, Felicia, and Bishamon all return to challenge all opponents which include new comers like Jedah, Lilith and Baby Bonnie Hood in a heated battle for each ones own personal agenda.

Darkstalkers the Chaos Tower features original story mode from Darkstalkers Jedah's Damnation, Chaos Tower mode, which lets you climb a tower by fighting your way up while leveling your team, while unlocking images and songs for your enjoyment.

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