Monday, April 7, 2008

PS3 - Initial D Extreme Stage - Pre-Order Now July 3rd - $74.99

Segas Arcade hit Initial D version 4 races to your home console as Initial D Extreme stage! An Exclusive for the Playstation 3, this port brings everything you loved right into the comfort of your home. No need to wait in line at the arcades! The PS3 version features four modes: versus, racing, online, and conquest (new). Take on up to 20 challengers at any given time.

Fans are given full control to customize all aspects of their character and car! Every aspect can be changed to match your style and personality. Clothes, parts, and even tires are all at your fingertips as you raise your points and style.

Versus and Online modes let you take on any and all challengers on the streets; choosing your street stage, controlling weather, and even changing the music you want to hear as you go head to head with someone in the same room or even in another country. Use Ranking and Missions to prove who the the top dog on the road is!

Using the innovative Dual Shock 3, fans will feel really the vibrations of the road. Used along with the built in motion control, take even better control of drifting and quick turns. Become the master of your own specially tuned car. Take control of the roads, fly past your opponents, and show the world whos boss!.

Are you game enough to challenge the world in Initial D Extreme Stage?

Also available:

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