Wednesday, March 19, 2008

XPERIA X1 white paper reveals yet more details

There certainly hasn't been any shortage of XPERIA X1 details to emerge since the desirable device was first announced back in February, but those still looking for something to whet their appetite until they can actually get their hands on one can now get their fix courtesy of a new white paper released by Sony Ericsson, which packs a bundle of interesting new tidbits. That includes details on the pre-loaded XPERIA panels, along with word of DLNA-compatible media sharing via ActiveSync or WiFi, details on the video recording recording options (30fps MPEG-4 and 30fps H.263, both VGA), and confirmation that the only browser included will be Internet Explorer. Also according to the white paper, you can expect Google Maps and Java ME to be installed by default, and you'll get Exchange Direct Push email built-in, with setup wizards provided for Gmail, Yahoo, and Live Hotmail. What's more, as Inxperia points out, there is also a noticeable lack of 1700MHz support, although we doubt that'll be a deal-breaker for too many folks.
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