Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fable 2 will 'talk to' three XBLA games

Fable 2's Peter Molyneux is just fine with the idea. In fact, he's encouraging it with three XBLA games that will "speak to" Fable 2 upon its release.

He hinted last month at GDC, but Molyneux detailed the idea on Major Nelson's podcast. Basically, Microsoft's Carbonated Games (of Uno fame) will release "Mage Dice," "Wizard's Tower" and "Keystone" on to XBLA and the money you win from those games will go directly into your account when you boot up Fable 2. It's a neat idea with a lot of possibilities and as long as the games don't start talking to Puppy Luv 8: Dalmationz, we're all for it.

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