Thursday, March 20, 2008

Xbox Drops 500 Limited Edition GTA IV 360s

GTA IV Xbox 360
Microsoft added to the buzz leading up to the anticipated release of Grand Theft Auto IV by dropping a limited run of 500 GTA-branded Xbox 360 Elite systems and a briefcase full of peripherals today. We got our hands on number 170 out of 500. More pics after the jump.

The guys at Xbox took an Elite system and, using automotive-quality paint, touched up the sides of the 360 with the GTA IV box art and a serial number. Not a bad way to welcome the first title in the franchise that didn’t drop as a Sony exclusive. Rockstar is also producing exclusive episodes for 360 users available for download this fall. Hopefully it involves Bill Gates and Warren Buffet rolling up on GTA IV’s featured hitter Niko Bellic. The game finally drops on April 29. Unfortunately, the limited run of GTA IV 360s ain’t available in stores.

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