Thursday, March 20, 2008

Final Resistance 2 logos revealed, new look at multi-player classes

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Over at the PlayStation.Blog, the community relations manager for Insomniac Games posted the final logo designs for Resistance 2 (as seen above). The San Francisco Bay Bridge can be clearly seen on the logo's "A" letter; this is the second appearance for the iconic landmark after initially turning up when the game was first unveiled.

It's nice to see the bridge being showcased like this, but when will other American landmarks be revealed? We've known for sometime now that our hero Nathan will be going cross-trekking across the USA, but what other locales will he be going to? Well as long as the next revealed landmark isn't the overused Statue of Liberty, we'll be happy. We've seen that one too many times in most aliens-are-gonna-kill-us type stories.

Other than the logos, some concept art was also posted. These art pieces are on two of R2's co-op multiplayer classes: sniper and medic. To check those pics out, head on over to the PlayStation.Blog.
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