Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wii - Nintendo Wii Console System Japanese + Freeloader (JPN) Special Bundle

Have you Been to Gamestop, Best Buy, Circuit City, or Toys R Us monthly, weekly, even daily to find a single Wii?

Does this sound familiar.......

- Im Sorry but we are sold out.
- We don't know when we will be receiving more.

Wii's have been almost impossible to find in America, Nintendo acknowledges this and still the supply demand is astronomically high just for one. A single Wii on Ebay can retail to close to $500 dollars and really no one wants to spend that much.

So Japan Video Games has a way to help you, available now is A Japanese Wii bundle that includes a Japanese region Wii Console and a Japanese Wii Freeloader (which unlocks the Region of the Wii for the American Wii games). The bundle will Retail for $379.99 and for a limited time will Include free Free UPS Ground Shipping and Full coverage via Insurance. So if a Wii is needed this is the best way to go to play not only American Wii games but also Japanese.

Click here to buy it now - Japanese Wii System plus Freeloader Package $379.99 with Free Ground Shipping and Insurance
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