Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Review: Devil May Cry 4

The newest installment of the Devil May Cry series that started back in 2001. It has had many changes since its first introduction which of course include new graphics, which is the obvious. The game takes a different step where instead of the original Devil May crys where you right off the bat take control of Dante (aside from Devil May Cry 2 where you can choose Lucia or 3 Special Edition where you cna choose Virgil) you take control of the arrogant brat Nero. While it seems Nero has a very similar style to Dante they are way too different, and eventually later on you learn why.

The game adds online support, where if your friends own the game it will let you know how far they are, there grades for completing stages, and even there achievements in the game. Even if your friends don't own the game you can compare your scores against he world to see how you stack up.

*****Small Spoilers Ahead******

The game leads you through 20 very challenging stages, which test your skills, your abilities to handle pressure and quickness, and tons of luck. More than half the missions you will play as Nero, his weapons are his sword Red Queen, gun Blue Rose, and his left Arm, Devil Bringer. Nero's past is shaded in mystery (actually they just never explain it). He hides his arm in a sling to hide it from his church, a so called peaceful religion that worships the Demon Warrior Sparda. During a Sermon a mysterious warrior comes in and starts killing church warriors and meets up with Nero a fight ensues where Nero thought he had the victory but it seemed his opponent who's name is Dante was only toying with him. Nero mission is to hunt down Dante and bring him back, what Nero ends up learning the truth. Dante has his own agendas and seem to surround Nero, the two end up meeting on more than one occasions and eventually joins forces.

While Nero and Dante has similar aspects and even looks, the differences are huge, Nero's combos are different and has one thing Dante has never had, the ability to grab his opponents or pull his opponents in, he can use them as a shield, a projectile or even a weapon, he can grab any enemy and even Bosses. His gun is useful but not powerful as his sword which is almost like a motorcycle engine fused with a sword, to use it you have to Rev it and charge it to a full bar, and finally he receives a special weapon from Devil May Cry 3, Yamato, the sword that once belonged to Dante's brother Virgil which lets Nero summon his Demonic power to a solid form.

Dante on the other hand remains true to his original style he starts of with his trusty sword Rebellion, his favorite guns Ebony and Ivory and a shotgun. He eventually finds weapons along his missions, which include, Gilgamesh, a Gauntlet and boots style armor that gives him supreme martial art skills, or rather increase the abilities he already has (that ones up to Capcom) Pandora, a suitcase that actually is supposed to be Pandora's Box. It is suppose to have 666 forms but you only get 5 forms that are: A rocket launcher, A chain machine gun, a laser, an explosive crossbow, and a homing rocket launcher. My personal favorite Lucifer which is a wing style attachment that gives Dante unlimited explosive swords that he can attack and attach to enemies and make them explode at your command or at any time, and finally he also uses Yamato the sword that Nero was using, It has the Ability to attack and send a long distance slash that seems like Dante is cutting the air around them. Dante receives something that people wish they had in Devil May cry 3, so fans Capcom listened. You know have the abilities to switch Styles anytime in the game by pressing the corresponding button on the control pad. Dantes styles include: Sword Master, a great proficiency with weapons where the circle buttons release different attacks you wouldn't normally get. Gunslinger; better proficiency with his guns, Ebony & Ivory, the Shotgun and Pandora all get new skills by pressing the circle button. Trickster; Dante gains a dash ability, a jump dash and even a teleport by pressing the circle button, and finally Royal Guard; Dante can block opponents attacks and gain power to his gauge, where at his choice he can release all the power onto an enemy or boss, the downside is you still take a small damage for the blocks but the damage to enemies you release is far greater so by mastering it you can deal almost 1/4-1/2 damage on a boss if used correctly.

Devil May Cry 4, really pushes the series to a new dimension while still reminding you while you played, all the modes from all the previous games are back, including Dante must die mode, Heaven or Hell and even Bloody Palace. The more you play the harder you get and your skills are pushed even father and farther the more you play. Personally this game is great, all be a bit too short for it being on a new gen, a few more stages especially with Dante would be great, but thats the magic of download able content, Capcom can add more characters, such as Trish and Lady is they wanted, add extra stages, challenges and even more weapons for Dante to use (giving hints Capcom) cause I would gladly pay for that, especially for the weapons in Devil May Cry 3, and to use the sword Sparda.

I was extremely happy with the game, I went out and purchased the Special Edition the day it came out, for the extra anime and bonus content. Music is great, game is great, I have played it multiple times and still can't get enough, thou I should be trying something new for the next review hopefully soon.....

Game: 10
Soundtrack: 8 (I would of given it a 10 but sadly they didn't include L'arc en Ciel's song Drink it Down they used to promote the game)
Graphics: Well what can I say obvious 10
Difficulty: Depending on the mode you pick it ranges but hardest mode Dante Must Die Mode is a 20 out of 10

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