Tuesday, March 25, 2008

PS2 - Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus- In Stock

The next game in Ark Systems Guilty Gear Fighting Series, while this is an update of last years release of Guilty Gear Accent Core, Guilty Gear Accent Core + (plus) fixes many bugs that where in the original game that dealt with many characters and modes.

Ark System has added new modes, added story to the game, and has even added new characters that were not in the original release and even worked on alot of the characters move sets. For those who bought the original Guilty Gear Accent Core and don't want to buy it all over again, a Append Edition has been released for about $20.00 that gives you everything thats in Plus which includes, the bugs being fixed, added characters, story and modes plus everything else that may be hidden.

So if you have the original game Guilty Gear Accdent Core Append Edition click the link

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