Friday, March 21, 2008

Ikaruga Rumored To Hit XBLA By April [Xbox Live Arcade]

When Microsoft announced the HD remake of Ikaruga last September, it said it was "coming soon." Then nothin'. Then, back in January, we thought that the Xbox Live Arcade release of Treasure's vertically scrolling shooter was just around the bend, time-wise. We haven't heard a peep from it since, just the sound of tears hitting the floor.

But thanks to the newest issue of the Official Xbox Magazine (UK), we know that Ikaruga is already "Out Now." Obviously, it's not, but since it's from the April issue of the mag, we can certainly hope that it really, genuinely, totally is coming very, very soon. It didn't show up in a recent list of upcoming XBLA releases, but let's just hope MS is being coy.

OXM hints at imminent Ikaruga [Xbox 360 Fanboy]

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