Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pre-Order Now - Persona 4: The Golden (Import PS Vita) - $89.99

Our Price: $89.99
Release Date: 6/14/2012
UPC: 4984995900780
Genre: RPG
Company: Atlus
Version: Region Free - VLJM-35001
Availability:: Pre-Order 

Persona 4: The Golden was announced in August 2011 as a remake of Persona 4 for the portable PlayStation Vita. It will be an expanded version of the PlayStation 2 title, adding new features and story elements to the game. The game is scheduled for a Japanese release on June 14, 2012.

  • A new character named Marie, voiced by Kana Hanazawa, will be added to the story, aiding the main party.
  • Additional Personas, character outfits, and expanded spoken lines and anime cutscenes will be included.
  • The game will support the wireless networking features of the Vita, allowing a player to call in help from other players that may be online at the same time to help in dungeon battles.
  • Another new feature is a garden that produces items you can use in the various dungeons.

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