Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pre-Order Now - Monster Hunter Magnet Monster Plush: Rioreus & Rioreia - $24.99/each

Monster Hunter Magnet Monster Plush: Rioreus / Rathalos Monster Hunter Magnet Monster Plush: Rioreia / Rathian
Our Price: $24.99
Release Date: 8/30/2012
UPC: 4976219043281 / 4976219043298
Genre: Plush Magnet
Company: Capcom
Version: Japan
Availability:: Pre-Order

Rathalos are medium to large-sized flying wyverns, with their most notable features being their crimson appearance and huge fire patterned wings. Rathalos inhabit many areas; they are most commonly found in the Forest & Hills, along with the Volcanic zone and the Swamp zone. In Monster Hunter 3 they can be found in the Volcano and Deserted Island. Rathalos spend most of their time fighting while airborne. This ability to live in the strangest and harshest of climates makes the Rathalos renowned far and wide as the King of the Wyverns.

Rathian is the female counterpart of the Rathalos and also renowned as The Queen of the Wyverns. Rathians are green wyverns that slightly vary from Rathalos in looks and attacks. She has a patch of brown thorns on her upper back and her tail spikes are filled with poison. The Rathian fights on the ground a lot more than the Rathalos, who more often exhibits aerial attacks such as fireballs and claw attacks. They are prized for their rare Plates and Rubies.

  • Official Monster Hunter Product from Capcom
  • Limited availability
  • Size: approx. TBD

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