Monday, February 27, 2012

In Stock Now - Binary Domain (Import Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3) - $84.99

Binary Domain (Import Xbox 360) Binary Domain (Import Playstation 3)
Sale Price: $84.99
elease Date: 2/16/2012
UPC: 4974365881597 / 4974365835767
Genre: Action Adventure
Company: Sega
Version: Japan - JES1-00190 / BLJM-60987
Stock Status: In Stock

Binary Domain is a squad-based third-person shooter video game developed by the newly formed Yakuza Studio and published by Sega. The game is set in Tokyo in the year 2080 and will feature innovative enemy AI technology.

  • You can issue commands to your squadmates either by using buttons or voice via headset.
  • A major part of the game is the Consequence System. Trust plays a part in story mode on how the squad views the player via the Consequence System, which shapes their opinion on their leader based on how the player performs and treats fellow team members in the game. This affects both the storyline and the gameplay, where the characters behave differently depending on trust levels.
  • The player can also talk to the characters using a headset, with the game's AI being able to recognize six different languages, including English and Japanese.

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