Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pre-Order Now - Pokemon Best Wishes Plush Doll TAKARATOMY - Zorua & Gothita - $24.99/each

Pokemon Best Wishes Plush Doll TAKARATOMY - N-19 - Zorua Pokemon Best Wishes Plush Doll TAKARATOMY - N-20 - Gothimu / Gothita
Our Price: $24.99
Release Date: 8/25/2011
UPC: 4904810427001 / 4904810427018
Genre: Plush
Company: TakaraTomy
Version: N-19 / N-20
Availability:: Pre-Order  

Zorua is a fox-like Pok√©mon, mainly slate-gray in coloration with red and black accents on its head and feet. Zorua's ears are triangular with dark insides, and it has a large, whorled scruff of fur on its head, tipped with red coloration. Its eyes appear to possess no pupils, and its eyelids and circular "eyebrow" markings are red. Zorua possesses a ruff of black fur around its neck, and limbs tipped with red. Its tail is bushy, and when it opens its mouth small fangs can be seen developing.  

Gothita appears as a baby with a small tuff of hair sticking up and two bows on each side of the head. It has two large blue eyes with 3 eyelashes on each one. It has a large bow on its neck and appears black with a white zig-zag line running horizontally through the chest area. It has bright red lips that protude from its face, and these lips are seemingly not connected to each other.  

  • Brand New With Takaratomy Tags!
  • Very Cute & Collectible
  • Imported From Japan
  • Radiation Free
  • Size: TBD

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