Monday, July 4, 2011

In Stock Now - Pokemon Center Pokedoll Plush - Life Size Victini and Minccino - $89.99/each

Pokemon Center Plush Doll - Life Size 16 Pokemon Center Plush Doll - Life Size 15
Our Price: $89.99 
Release Date: 6/17/2011
UPC: 4521329106267 / 4521329103938
Genre: Pokedoll
Company: Pokemon Center
Version: N/A
Stock Status: In Stock

Victini is a small, rodent-like Pokémon. Its large, pointed ears are shaped like the letter V, possibly for its name or the generation it was introduced in. Its round head is comparatively large for its small body, and cream-colored, while the tops of its ears, crest, and extremities are all orange. Its bulbous arms and legs are rounded to make a sort of "cuff" before ending with small, three-fingered hands and two-toed feet. Victini has two feathered tails which appear to be winglike.

Chillarmy/Minccino is a furry, white-colored rodent-like Pokémon, sporting scruffs of fur on its head, ear insides, and neck. Chillarmy's large ears, located to the sides of its head, have red insides partly covered by the aforementioned tufts of fur there. Its eyes are large and brown, with a small, dot-like nose. Its limbs are somewhat rounded and small, and its tail is long and particularly furry.

  • Victini Dimensions: 16"H x 7"L x 10"W
  • Minccino Dimensions: 15"H x 11"L (including tail) x 10"W
  • Brand New With Tags!
  • Very Cute & Collectible
  • Imported From Japan

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