Tuesday, October 12, 2010

In Stock Now - Final Fantasy X International (Ultimate Hits) (Import PS2) - $39.99

Our Price: $39.99
Release Date: 1/24/2007
UPC: 4988601004954
Genre: RPG
Company: Square Enix
Version: Japan - SLPM-66677
Stock Status: In Stock

An international version of the game was released in Japan as "Final Fantasy X International" in January 2002, and in PAL territories under its original title.

It features content not available in the original NTSC releases, including battles with "dark" versions of the game's aeons and an airship fight with the superboss "Penance". The Japanese release of Final Fantasy X International also includes "Eternal Calm", a 14 minute video clip bridging the story of Final Fantasy X with that of its sequel, Final Fantasy X-2.

  • Supports English voice, Japanese subtitles (game can be set to fully English mode)
  • New boss game, new abilites, summon battles

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