Saturday, June 5, 2010

In Stock 6/7/10 - Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Pokedoll Plush Doll TAKARA TOMY - Zoroark - 12" - $49.99

Our Price: $49.99
Release Date: 6/10/10
UPC: 4904810376835
Genre: Pokedoll
Company: TakaraTomy
Version: Japan

Zoroark is a bipedal fox-like Pokémon, and mainly grayish-brown in coloration with red and black accents. It has a pointed snout and ears, the insides of which have red coloration. Zoroark also has some red rimming its eyes and mouth. Zoroark has a large, voluminous mane, primarily red in coloration but with black tips. The mane also somewhat resembles a ponytail, as a greenish bangle down its length separates a mass of the mane from the lower portion. Zoroark has a black ruff on its upper body, pointed at the shoulders from which its arms extend. Its upper arms are thin, whereas its lower arms, while still slim, are bulkier. The arms have spiky extensions of fur at the shoulders, and Zoroark's three claws, as well as the claws on its feet, are red in coloration.

  • Brand New With Tags!
  • Official Takara Tomy Product
  • Very Cute & Collectible
  • Imported From Japan
  • Package Size (H): 330mm
  • Package Size (W): 180mm
  • Package Size (D): 380mm

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