Saturday, February 20, 2010

In Stock Now - Agarest Senki (Original, Non Best Hits) - $59.99

Our Price: $59.99

Release Date: 9/272007
UPC: 4995857070855
Genre: Strategy
Company: Compile
Version: Japan

Stock Status: In Stock

In a world known as Agarest, five continents hold sway over the lineage of a family which spans five generations. Enter the knight Leonhardt, he is mortally wounded by a conspiracy of events but he’s given a second chance at life by a deity. In exchange for his services, Leon is revived and made into a Soul Container which allows him to live a normal life and sire offspring with one of three possible maidens to continue his bloodline.

  • Agarest Senki mixes interaction with tactical turn-based battles where Leonhardt lays down to strategize on skirmishes and then develops a relationship.
  • After Leonhardt’s chapter is over, his son Radius takes over the family business and also gets a bride to continue the bloodline… and so on and so forth for a total of five generations.

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