Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pre-Order Update - Espgaluda II Black Label (Import) (Microsoft Xbox 360) - $74.99

Our Price: $74.99
Release Date: 02/25/2010
UPC: 4988648710924
Genre: Shooting
Company: Cave
Version: Japan

Following closely behind Mushihime-sama Futari is another vertical shooter - Espgaluda II Black Label. Beautiful and colorful graphics mixed with popular characters, the sequel to Espgaluda will once again guide you to the exciting and fascinating fantasy world.
Besides Ageha, other popular characters such as Asagi and Ceceri are joining in the fun, choose your favourite girl as your player character. The developers have added more play modes. Novices, train your shooting abilities and then take up simple missions. Veterans, challenge the ultra hard stages and win rare items.

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