Wednesday, December 23, 2009

In Stock Now! - Rune Factory 3 (Import DS) - $54.99

Our Price: $54.99
Release Date: 10/22/2009
UPC: 4535506301086
Genre: RPG
Company: Marvelous Entertainment
Version: Japan

Famitsu reports in its latest issue that Rune Factory 3 is being prepared for Japanese DS release some time this year. The game promises all the farming, adventuring, and romance aspects of past Rune Factory games, but adds in the ability to make main character Maisu transform into monsters once you've obtained a "Transformation Belt." When in monster form, you'll have access to a separate set of actions during battle, and be treated to new conversations while in town.

  • One example of a monster is the long-eared "Golden Moko Moko." When you're in Moko Moko form, one cute little girl who's apparently displeased with you otherwise, finds you cute!
  • Despite Maisu's ability to transform into a monster, the game still allows you to raise and bring monsters into battle. And for the first time, you'll also take certain plants into battle with you! These special plants emerge from "Active Seeds," and while details are unclear at present, they apparently play a major role in the game.
  • As for the more traditional Rune Factory elements, they're all back, but with some apparent changes.
  • Characters make use of new AI, with their daily movements around town driven by interests, goals, and relationships with other characters.
  • The farming aspect of the game has one obvious change. For various unspecified reasons, the only areas of the world that can grow plants are those that are underground and receive the protection of a special tree. Maisu's home is located in that tree, and his farm is located below. The inside of the tree is said to be very spacious, so you may end up spending quite some time in there.
  • With a Japanese release planned for 2009, it shouldn't come as a surprise to learn that Rune Factory 3 is pretty far along. The game is 80% complete according to Famitsu.

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