Thursday, December 24, 2009

In Stock Now! - PS3 - Nyko Charge Link cable - $12.99

Our Price: $12.99
Release Date: 12/24/2009
UPC: 743840830009
Genre: Accessory
Company: Nyko
Version: 83000

The Charge Link for PlayStation3 grants new freedom to users of the SIXAXIS wireless controller, allowing users to charge and play with the controller simultaneously. The extra long 10 foot USB to Mini USB cable plugs into the any free USB port on the PS3 console, and attaches to the Mini USB port on the SIXAXIS controller providing power to charge the internal battery of the controller. The Charge Link features a unique woven cable shielding to improve durability while the attached Velcro strap allows for easy and clean storage. The Charge Link can also be used with other Mini USB devices such as digital cameras and PSPs.

  • Simultaneously charge and play with the SIXAXIS wireless controller
  • Can be used for various USB compliant devices
  • Extra long 10ft cable
  • Includes Velcro wrap for clean and convenient storage
  • Unique woven cable shielding improves cable durability

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