Wednesday, April 2, 2008

PS3 - Dual Shock 3's coming soon and Sony confirms no more Sixaxis controllers

The American release of the DualShock 3 is right around the corner for release, and it is about time, the item was released in Japan Winter last year and if you didn't buy one yet its about time to. The DualShock 3 will add rumble to your Playstation 2 and Playstation 3 games, currently it is only sold in Black, while the Japanese Playstation 3 has 2 more colors White and Silver.

Sony has also confirmed that it will be discontinuing production of its Sixaxis controllers pretty much immediately.

This isn't something shocking seeing as it was expected ever since Sony announced the DualShock 3, and localization of it. The Dual Shock 3 is the Sixaxis controller plus the vibration function from previous models of Sony's controllers, which were not available at the start of the Playstation 3 life cycle because of a previous court case about the rumble feature.

So if your a fan of the lighter controller and want to have more now is the time to go buy them now before they are never seen again.

Compatible games on the Dualshock 3 from release date:

Dual Shock 3 (White) - $59.99
Dual Shock 3 (Silver)- $59.99

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