Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Information about Gears of Wars 2

Marcus and Dom are back, but so are several new characters like Chairman Prescott, Tai Kaliso, and Maria Santiago (Dom's "lost love"); the Locust also have some new additions like the chanting "Kantus" who can focus those chants into concentrated sonic blasts, and resurrect fallen Locust warriors.

New functionality includes upgrades to Unreal Engine 3 , a "SHUT UP" button to skip the yacking and get back to the shooting of the bug people, "drop in and drop out co-op" with different difficulty settings for different players, chainsaw duels, refined cover mechanics that should make it "harder to get hit while protected," a fourth even-more-casual Casual mode.

No word on a release date or anything else, but all this alone makes part 2 a game you want to play if you liked Gears of War.

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