Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wii - Okami - Arriving Thursday!

Hey everybody! Okami is finally being ported onto the wii! The good thing about
this version is that it will support 480p and widescreen output. IGN has
definitely confirmed that the motion sensing of the remote will be used to perform
the Celestial Brush features within the game. The game is almost identical
to the ps2 version, but w/ the addition of remote and nunchuck, you're now able
to skip cutscenes. Will definitely be worth the purchase if you missed out on
the ps2 version. At e3 2005, the ps2 version won 1up's best ps2 game,
2nd best game of show, and 3rd best action game, IGN's best ps2 game of show,
and runner-up for best of show and most innovative design, and g4tv's x-plays
most original game. Gamespy also recognized it as the 5th best game showing
at e3.

Jump to our website's Wii Okami Page: Click Here
- $38.99

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